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Greg Gallas

Name: Greg Gallas

Age: 44

Occupation: IBM EFD Customer Liaison.

Family: Wife, Bobbie; son, Codey; daughter, Kylar.

Educational background: John Marshall High School, Class of 1984, degree from DeVRY University in Applied Electrical Science.


Experience in government: None.

Website: http://greggallas.wordpress.com

Why are you running for the school board?

Truth, trust and transparency must be restored to the board. It’s time to stop holding staff and students responsible for poor educational and financial decisions by the superintendent, cabinet and board.

How will you approach making budget cuts when they are needed?

Start at the top. We can no longer afford the extensive Edison staff and salaries. Look at cutting programs that are not closing the gap for all students.

The Bush Foundation issued a report in June that said a "culture of mistrust" pervades the district. What skills or qualities do you have that can change that situation?Truth, trust and transparency are what you can expect from me as a board member. I will not put personal agendas ahead of the growth of students and our district.

How do you view the district's recent efforts to close the achievement gap between diverse groups of students? If you would do something different, what would you do?


The district has looked at the gap with blinders on. We aren’t meeting the needs of all students. Back to basics for low-performing students and continue challenging all.

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