LONDON — Five months after opening it, Mayo Clinic bought out its partner Oxford University Clinic to be the sole owner and operator of a premium health clinic in central London.

In 2018, Mayo Clinic and Oxford University announced a transatlantic partnership that Mayo Clinic CEO Dr. Gianrico Farrugia described as an opportunity to “work together to drive advances for patients in all areas of medicine."

A six-story building located across the street from the BBC’s world headquarters in London’s high-profile Harley Street Medical Area was transformed into a clinic with state-of-the-art diagnostic MRI and CT machines, genetic testing, an endoscopy suite and more.

Staffed with personnel from both institutions, the joint venture called “Mayo Clinic Healthcare in partnership with Oxford University Clinic” opened in September.

In March, Mayo Clinic “acquired Oxford University Clinic's interest…,” wrote Dr. G. Anton Decker, International at Mayo Clinic President. “Going forward, the clinic will be operated as a Mayo Clinic entity, under the ‘Mayo Clinic Healthcare’ brand.”

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The Oxford trust, which includes England's National Institute Health Service, issued a statement about the split with Mayo Clinic.

“Following a detailed review of Mayo Clinic Healthcare in partnership with Oxford University Clinic LLP’s business plan, the Trust concluded that its aims and risk appetite as a public sector entity were no longer closely aligned with the partnership," stated Dr. Bruno Holthof, chief executive of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. "Oxford and Mayo Clinic decided jointly to end the partnership. We wish Mayo the very best with making the clinic a success going forward.”

Mayo Clinic isn't the only top U.S. health care institution staking a claim in London. The Cleveland Clinic is working on transforming a seven-story, gargoyle-festooned building near the Buckingham Palace into a 200-bed hospital with eight operating theaters. Cleveland Clinic hopes to open the London hospital in 2021.

The London clinic’s website primarily focuses on services offered by Mayo Clinic’s Executive Health Program. The program provides regular check-ups and care for CEOs and executives.

Dr. Kevin Fleming, who has worked with Mayo Clinic’s Executive Health Program for more than 10 years, is based there.

The clinic website shows that it offers four executive care packages under the names of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

“Clinic patients have told us that they would like expanded Mayo Clinic specialty care at the clinic. In response, Mayo Clinic is building its London services to add to its foundation of preventive health care and deliver specialty care such as cardiology and gastroenterology; provide second opinions across all medical conditions and specialties; and offer genomic and pharmacogenomic analysis, COVID-19 testing and other screening capabilities,” wrote Decker of the London facility. “Patients may receive care there, arrange virtual consultations with Mayo Clinic specialists in the United States or schedule visits to Mayo Clinic’s sites in Rochester, Phoenix, Scottsdale or Jacksonville.”

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