Mayo Clinic is taking a more abstract approach with its latest television commercial, though it is narrated by a well-known voice.

The commercial, created by the New York City office of the advertising agency TBWA\Chiat\Day started airing on television as well as on social media around Mayo Clinic’s three campuses on Sept. 8.

Award-winning actress Viola Davis does the voice-over narration for the commercial, the latest in “The Power of Answers.”

When asked why Davis was chosen to narrate the ad, Mayo Clinic Spokeswoman Heather Carlson Kehren responded, “Ms. Davis aligned well to the goal of the ads, which is to instill optimism and hope in a time of uncertainty.”

Davis’ distinctive voice tells viewers that, “The unknown is not empty” and describes uncertainty as “a storm” that can be calmed by answers.

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Recent Mayo Clinic advertisements spotlighted anxious Midwest families traveling to the clinic to find out answers to medical conditions. Diverging from the folksy approach looking at relatable people, this new commercial has no human faces and features a series of evolving, computer generated images.

Compared to the previous commercials, TBWA\Chiat\Day described this new commercial as “Taking a bolder, more reassuring tone …”

The images created by the Psyop production firm started with MRI imagery from a brain scan to provide an accurate model of the brain and its neural interactions, though done in an unusual way.

“I wanted to separate this as far as possible from the typical medical visualization, and bring an element of emotion and hopefulness to it,” said Shane Griffin of Psyop.

Sherri Gilligan, Mayo Clinic’s chief marketing officer, added her take on the new commercial.

"While Mayo Clinic can't promise each patient a cure, we can uncover answers that spark hope and optimism for those who have seen so little. This campaign holds an incredibly powerful brand message that speaks to who we are at our core: an organization on the relentless pursuit of answers for our patients,” she wrote.

The commercial is scheduled to be shown through December.