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June marriage license applications

Applications for marriage licenses signed in June in Olmsted County:

Andrew Gabriel Petersen, of Camillus, N.Y., and Hayle Ann Marie Goldade, of Eyota.

Mathew Roger Knutson, of Stewartville, and Kirstin Rae McIntosh, of Stewartville.

Alec Marshall Curtis Southwick, of Dodge Center, and Laura Greysi Rebolledo, of Rochester.

Jordan Paul Anderson Jensen, of St. Charles, and Kaitlin Marie Anderson, of St. Charles.


Drew Taylor Zafft, of Rochester, and Theresa Elizabeth Gray, of Rochester.

Calahan James Ryan, of Rochester, and Katelynn Thora Whetter, of Rochester.

Jeffrey John Mueller, of St. Charles, and Renae Marie Kirkham, of St. Charles.

Gregory George Marx, of Rochester, and Amanda Jo Dahl, of Rochester.

Brandon David Chester Nelson, of Stewartville, and Rebecca Sue Carlson, of Stewartville.

David Arthur Kummer, of Rochester, and Rebecca Lynn Marzella, of Rochester.

Michael Roger Nelson, of Wadena, and Megan Kay Allan, of Pine Island.

Bradley Dean Royce, of Rochester, and Kelsey Lynn Grebin, of Rochester.


Mark Allen Paynic, of Rochester, and Amanda Kay Ellison, of Rochester.

Kyle John Cutshall, of Rochester, and Amanda Janice Ball, of Rochester.

Gary Lester Trageser, of Rochester, and Kasey Marie Drake, of Rochester.

Abdimajid Mukhtar Ahmed, of Rochester, and Laura Miriam Eagen, of Rochester.

Douglas Kevin Tate, of Rochester, and Mattie Elaine Watkins-Johnson, of Rochester.

Aaron Christopher Einck, of Chicago, and Julia Shekunov, of Chicago.

Bradley John Delplanche, of Rochester, and Michelle Lavonne Reinholdt, of Rochester.

Daniel John Miller, of LeRoy, and Ashley Kay Theobald, of Racine.


Brian Ray Goodwill, of Rochester, and Nicole Marie Robertson, of Rochester.

Robert Michael Ebner, of Goodhue, and Jaclyn June Tveten, of Goodhue.

Thomas Lee Sanders Jr., of Rochester, and Rebecca Carroll Adair, of Rochester.

Brian Thomas Edmonson, of Rochester, and Karen Elizabeth Hanadel, of Rochester.

Joseph Raymond Novotny, of Rochester, and Kerry Lynn McAllister, of Rochester.

David Paul Queensland, of Byron, and Angeline Rae Hayden, of Byron.

Cory Patrick Felderman, of Rochester, and Cara Mae Rude, of Rochester.

Jason Andrew Wagner, of Rochester, and Phoebe Marie Farris, of Rochester.


Christopher Charles Chamberland, of Elgin, and Cree Dorann Kachelski, of Elgin.

Daniel Patrick Maker, of Rochester, and Jenna Michelle Knapp, of Rochester.

Tyler Blane Hammer, of Rochester, and Brittany Marie Schumaker, of Rochester.

Michael Arthur Clennon, of Pacific, Mo., and Cassie Lynne Smythers, of Valley Park, Mo.

Brian Matthew Lee, of Rochester, and Jennifer Marie Mohawk, of Rochester.

Michael Anthony Angst, of Ettrick, Wis., and Linda Joy Lange, of Rochester.

Michael John Holst, of Rochester, and Julianne Howard, of Rochester.

Michael Roger Burns, of Rochester, and Berdella Karen Coker, of Rochester.


Randolph Joseph Goetz, of Rochester, and Julie Marion Huntley, of Eyota.

Jeremy Justin Lee Single, of Rochester, and Anna Christine Snelson Temple, of Rochester.

Kyle David Moore, of Rochester, and Ashley Elizabeth Dunkelberger, of Rochester.

Brent William Thomas, of Rochester, and Jennifer Lynn Kromrey, of Rochester.

Brody Allen Russell, of Rochester, and Amber Joy Geib, of Rochester.

Phuy Vorng Chi, of Rochester, and Sophara Run, of Rochester.

Daniel Dale Fern, of Rochester, and Angela Michelle Meyer, of Rochester.

Jacob Aaron Brettin, of Rochester, and Kelsey Lynn Scanlon, of Rochester.


Michael Robert Conard, of Rochester, and Stacy Jane Merkel, of Rochester.

Alina Marie Nelson, of Rochester, and Jeremy Richard Peterson, of Rochester.

Kyal Scott Brandt, of Rochester, and Stephanie Lynn Becker, of Rochester.

Robert John Werner, of Rochester, and Joseph Thomas Nix, of Rochester.

Lucas Michael Hughes, of Rochester, and Jessica Louise Kiner, of Rochester.

William Richard Skaden, of Lewiston, and Jennifer Lorraine Provost, of Rochester.

Jennifer Elizabeth Dukart, of Rochester, and Troy Anthony Meyer, of Rochester.

Lindsey Sue Steege, of Rochester, and Joseph Paul Elder, of Rochester.

Todd William McIlrath, of Rochester, and Barbara Nicole French, of Rochester.

Brittany Lynn Martin, of Rochester, and Anthony Ryan Suarez, of Rochester.

Christopher David Norris, of Rochester, and Terry Joe Ruesink, of Rochester.

Keith Richard Klocek, of Rochester, and Trisha Lynn Norland, of Rochester.

Zachary Thomas Resch, of Kasson, and Jennifer Lynn Bale, of Rochester.

Sara Marie Goodenough, of Wabasha, and Jack Kennedy Barwick Smitherman, of Rochester.

Kyle Alexander Britt, of Eau Claire, Wis., and Briana Lynn Kraft, of Eden Prairie.

Hector Lopez, of Oronoco, and Maria Hernandez, of Oronoco.

Brent Richard Handtke, of North Liberty, Iowa, and Kathryn Bennett Sandberg, of Winona.

Christina Lauren Ruby, of Rochester, and Brandon Mark Boudreaux, of Rochester.

Keisha Larae Buck, of Rochester, and Brent Donald Lunning, of Rochester.

Ryan Charles Yorke, of Rochester, and Jennifer Ann Fick, of Rochester.

Michael Stewart Sullivan, of Lake City, and Amy Margaret Rowe, of Lake City.

Peter David Alexander, of Rochester, and Amy Elizabeth Green, of Rochester.

Sarah Jean Koelsch, of Byron, and Nathan Alan Kobi, of Byron.

Eric Bernhardt Witt, of Wilton, Wis., and Lisa Jeanne Reiter, of Elgin.

Philip John Zorn, of Kansas City, Mo., and Brittney Marge Lodermeier, of Kansas City, Mo.

Kristina Mary Colbenson, of Nashville, Tenn., and Nathaniel Evan Rykal, of Nashville, Tenn.

Lindsey Marie Barkho, of Rochester, and Jason Matthew Duckworth, of Rochester.

Adam Steven Haarstad, of Rochester, and Pamela Renee Kullot, of Rochester.

Eric Preston Roth, of Rochester, and Autum Nichole Leach, of Rochester.

Brian John Jansen, of Marion, Iowa, and Joan Dawn Beadle, of Marion, Iowa.

Raymond Matthew Hanson, of Rochester, and Chelsey Lee Ring, of Rochester.

Nathan John Turner, of Chatfield, and Kelsi Rosaaen Mueller, of Chatfield.

Anthony Dexter Wayne Francis, of Rochester, and Marina Garrido, of Rochester.

Tracy Pauline Nepper, of Rochester, and Terri Joann Perkins, of Rochester.

Ryan David Sundeen, of Rochester, and Marissa Kristina Oliver, of Rochester.

Felix Monari Okindo, of Burnsville, and Lilian Osebe Mesesi, of Rochester.

Anna Marie Watson, of Byron, and Garrett Emanuel Sayler, of Beulah, N.D.

Adam Michael Crary, of Rochester, and Kelli Jean Wiemerslage, of Rochester.

Valerie Kay Holt, of Rochester, and James Ardell Hoffman, of Rochester.

Randy Joseph Donahue, of Mazeppa, and Lee Ann Johnson, of Rochester.

Andrea Sue Graves, of Rochester, and Ryan Patrick Aeikens, of Rochester.

Alexandra Lynn Saxton, of Rochester, and John Francis Fiek, of Rochester.

Martin David Sturm, of Zumbrota, and Katherine Denae Corrigan, of Zumbrota.

Eric Zhi Jie Zhuang, of Rochester, and Brianna Marie Winter, of Rochester.

Kathryn Alyce Guggemos, of Northfield, and Aaron Milton Steichen, of Elmwood, Wis.

Kyle Peter Glynn, of Rochester, and Judy Ann Wondrow, of Rochester.

Kevin Charles Carlson II, of Rochester, and Thia Marie Walkowiak, of Rochester.

Bryan Gary Runkle, of Racine, and Melissa Jean Sikkink, of Racine.

Jessica Nicole Zelinske, of Kasson, and Travis James Wiuff, of Kasson.

Matthew John Guzman, of Rochester, and Starr Mulholland Ramirez, of Rochester.

Vickey Renee Roeder, of Rochester, and Jeaneen Lois Kolokythas, of Rochester.

Jeremy Samuel Hoff, of Onalaska, Wis., and Dana Michelle Sobczak, of Onalaska, Wis.

Nicolas Craig Ferguson, of Dover, and Alison Renae Rothering, of Dover.

Misty Louise Krusemark, of Stewartville, and Brian Charles Moeller, of Stewartville.

Caroline Lisa Schimunek, of Columbia, Md., and Phillip John Demro, of Columbia, Md.

Alyson Nichole Lutzke, of Rochester, and Michael Thomas Knowlton, of Rochester.

Nathan Gregory Twerberg, of Grand Forks, N.D., and Ryan Michael Anderson, of St. Paul.

Paul Clifford Kock, of Highlands Ranch, Colo., and Yuliana Gomez Meneses, of Highlands Ranch, Colo.


Marriage licenses and dissolutions are public records and are available at the city/county Government Center in Rochester. For more information, call 328-7660.

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