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Lots of goodness in grapes

Let’s dive right in and take a quick look at grapes from California – one of the most popular fruits for great reasons! Did you know that grapes of all colors—red, black and green—are a natural source of beneficial antioxidants known as polyphenols, which are found in every part of the grape—skin, flesh, and seeds. Research suggests that polyphenols reduce oxidative stress and may help maintain a healthy heart.

And the benefits of grapes don’t stop there. Grapes are a quick, convenient, economical and crowd-pleasing snack. A ¾-cup serving of grapes contains just 90 calories, no sodium or cholesterol and virtually no fat.

Grape Goodness:

The skin: Grape skin is loaded with the phytonutrient resveratrol. This powerful antioxidant has been shown in more recent studies to help fight breast, liver and colon cancers. Resveratrol is also believed to play a role in the reduction of heart disease and has been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties.

Just juice:Just like a fine red wine, grape juice offers many of the same heart-protective benefits. The antioxidants in grape juice help to improve blood flow. The flavonoids help keep the arteries more flexible.


Grape seed oil:Offering a clean, light, slightly nutty flavor, grape seed oil is rich in the heart-healthy vitamin E. This special oil may improve HDL (good cholesterol) while reducing the bad LDL.

Shopper-Friendly Tips

Grapes are fully ripe when they arrive at the supermarket.

Look for plump grapes with pliable green stems.

Keep grapes unwashed and refrigerated in a plastic bag until ready to use, then rinse with cold water and serve, or add to recipes.

Freeze grapes for a tasty way to beat the summer heat.

Grapes are a portable, low-calorie snack ideal for eating anytime, anywhere. Fresh grapes add color, crunch and a light touch of sweetness to meals. Pack your lunchbox and get ready for school by having grapes available as an afternoon snack. A kid-friendly way to serve green grapes is by having Caterpillar-On-A-Stick! Take a stalk of celery, top it with low-fat strawberry cream cheese and halved green grapes – a perfect way to get the kids involved in the kitchen. It’s delicious!

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