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Marriage licenses

Applications for marriage licenses signed from October through December 2015 in Olmsted County:

Scott James Hosfield, of Rochester, and Emily Anne Trnka, of Rochester.

Bridget Mary Amiot, of Baraboo, Wis., and Andrew James Schindhelm, of Madison, Wis.

Joe Jones, of Quebec, Canada, and Jane Coe, of Moorhead.

Steven Robert Speltz, of Rochester, and Lynsey Marie Hagen, of Rochester.


Katherine Lee Locke, of Atlanta, and Francis Xavier McNamara IV, of Atlanta.

Andrew Paul Kauffman, of Rockvale, Tenn., and Grace Paul Lim, of Rockvale, Tenn.

Colin David Vrieze, of Rochester, and Lynnelle McKenzie Crieger, of Rochester.

Katrina Rebecca Rogers, of Chatfield, and Joshua Matthew Jacobson, of Chatfield.

Marissa Amanda Skaar, of Centerville, and Lawrence James Blanshan, of Rochester.

Tonya Marie Kiefer, of Elgin, and Kyle James Hulberg, of Elgin.

Sarah Sue Johnson, of Pine Island, and David Paul Kohn, of Glencoe.

Laura Rae Langhoff, of Minneapolis, and Kevin Mikkel Arndt, of Rochester.


Cory Stephen Blixt, of Rochester, and Kristen Renee Perrizo, of Rochester.

Jared Matthew McLafferty, of Rochester, and Elizabeth Anne Sedlund, of Rochester.

Katie Anne Rohr, of Rochester, and Joseph Thomas Poterucha, of Rochester.

Kaia Marvelin Levos, of Rochester, and Brandon Michael Chalstrom, of Rochester.

Jeremiah Henry Moritz, of Circle Pines, and Tessa Elizabeth Strain, of Rochester.

Jennie Lise Gappa, of Rochester, and Steven Edward Kalwasinski, of Rochester.

Dennis Clarence Haase, of Rochester, and Saundra Ann Yanish, of Rochester.

Mitchell James Quick, of Rochester, and Kristen Elizabeth Svobodny, of Rochester.


Adriana Teagle, of Rochester, and Robert Wohlhuter, of Rochester.

Matthew Philip Abdel, of Rochester, and Megan Mae Jussila, of Lakeville.

Angelic Monique Ramos, of Chatfield, and Matthew Josia Privett, of Chatfield.

Youngsin Jung, of Rochester, and Daniel Lewis Kenney, of Rochester.

Scott O'Neal Koker, of Rochester, and Gianna Paola Ganoza Paredes, of Rochester.

Emanuel Lee Kimble, of Rochester, and Desiree Washington, of Rochester.

Brittany Ellen Stelley, of Rochester, and James Michael Yaworski, of Rochester.

Amanda Vionne Sim, of Rochester, and Adam James Mulholland, of Rochester.


Sophat Oum, of Rochester, and Voleak Sor, of Rochester.

David Liebling Liebow, of Rochester and Laura Michelle Graner, of Rochester.

Bruce Allen Gasner, of Eyota, and Cheyenne Marie Wendt, of Eyota.

Jennifer Anne Kidd, of Rochester, and Briggette Marie Morris, of Rochester.

Shelby Lynn Radke, of St. Charles, and Seth Joseph Kaehler, of St. Charles.

Akot Chwei Akot, of Rochester, and Atong Yail Yail, of Rochester.

Job Aigborkhade Esekhade, of Rochester, and Lamesa Kimberly Matthews, of San Antonio, Texas.

Kathy Lynn Morris, of Pine Island, and Dale Kenneth Thorn, of Pine Island.


Mary Lanswerk Knudson, of Rochester, and Bernard Kevin Kirk, of Rochester.

Luke Jacob Leichtnam, of Rochester, and Jessica Ann Ehlenfeldt, of Rochester.

Zulma Alexia Andring, of Rochester, and Terrence Edward Perrotti, of Rochester.

Mary Smith, of Breckenridge, and Tom Cruise, of Breckenridge.

Caitlin Fallin Rinnhofer, of Rochester, and Dylan James Frisch, of St. Charles.

Rachel Fay Suffrins, of Rochester, and Alex Michael Doblar, of Rochester.

Edward B. Rourke, of Rochester, and Quinn Renee Brymer, of Reno, Nev.

Acacia Dre Ward, of Rochester, and Chuor Chuor Chuor, of Rochester.


Michael Lawrence Waugh, of Stewartville, and Jeannie Lynn Johnston, of Dodge Center.

Pa Ter Xiong, of Rochester, and Chamros Ouch, of Rochester.

Clare Anna Giesen, of Rochester, and Jesse Carlos Tapia, of Columbia, Mo.

Ryan Thomas Fogelson, of Byron, and Shyra Jean Meldrim, of Byron.

Cynthia Ebert Armendariz, of Pine Island, and Brian Ronald Udstrand, of Pine Island.

Jesse Lynne Wodele, of Chatfield, and Michael Dale Horsman, of Chatfield.

Caitlyn Jane Smith, of Rochester, and Thomas Wesley Czeczok, of Rochester.

John Henry Engel, of Rochester, and Kimberly Roshon Rech, of Rochester.

Jeffrey Alan Kalis, of Rochester, and Kelley Jean Muetzel, of Rochester.

Michael Johnson, of Rochester, and Rachel Ferriggi Waldron, of Rabat, Morocco.

Lori Lyn Starr, of Rapid City, S.D., and Wade Bruce Stebbins, of Piedmont, S.D.

Sara Jean Mollenhauer, of Zumbrota, and Jeffrey Scott Nolte, of Zumbrota.

Brent Earl Kisro, of Oronoco, and Meghan Elizabeth Specht, of Oronoco.

Brandon Rolf Christenson, of Chaska, and Hannah Rose Bardwell, of Stewartville.

Jennifer Ruth Belisle, of Rochester, and Thomas Michael Reisdorf, of Rochester.

Sergey Zhiganov, of Montreal, Quebec, and Elena Anufrieva, of Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia.

Roger Paul Schimek, of Rochester, and Sheryl June Goodenoug, of Rochester.

Dag-Thomas Karmoy Overlie, of Elgin, and Kevin Ray Larson, of Elgin.

Naren Francis Hulsing, of Rochester, and Genevieve Kendrick Nagel, of Rochester.

Amy Michelle Rindels, of Dodge Center, and Jeffrey Clinton Tibbetts, of Dodge Center.

Steven Robert Miller, of Stewartville, and Amanda Marie Simmons, of Stewartville.

Luis Felipe Castillo Rodriguez, of Rochester, and Reyna Angelica Deana Herrera, of Rochester.

Scott Edward Feeder, of Rochester, and Stephanie Tirzah Reneson, of Rochester.

Joel Frank Fritz, of Rochester, and Qamar Abdi, of Rochester.

Sergio Antonio Gasca-Valtierra, of St. Charles, and Amanda Kate Thayer, of St. Charles.

Christopher John Roth, of Zumbro Falls, and April Marie Wodele, of Zumbro Falls.

Haley Lin Vaith, of Kasson, and Ricardo Gonzalez Serrano, of Kasson.

Corey Dominic Alberts, of Rochester, and Linda Diane McClain, of Rochester.

Brandon Dale Raehsler, of Rochester, and Emily Ann Elizabeth Bowe, of Rochester.

Carrie Elizabeth Adler, of Rochester, and Richard Timothy Tibor, of Rochester.

Jordan Michael Miller, of Rochester, and Emily Ruth Mell, of Oronoco.

Brenda Joy Hyde, of Rochester, and Ronnie Sokotoff, of Rochester.

Sara Nicole Gronseth, of Wanamingo, and Bradley Michael Nelsen, of Wanamingo.

Kelly Duane Brevik, of Rochester, and Sara Elizabeth Weigel, of Rochester.

Maren Marie Meyer, of Rochester, and Daniel Omar Johnsrud, of Rochester.

Rustam Iqbal, of Rochester, and Shariihan Nasir Salah, of Rochester.

Nasir Fawzy Fadhel, of Rochester, and Rana Raad Khazaal Al Sammarraie, of Rochester.

Cory Duane Bartelt, of Stewartville, and Kimberly Joy Fischer, of Stewartville.

Nicholas Steven Breutzman, of Rochester, and Heather Ashley Ranney, of Rochester.

Loren Vincent Kispert, of Nerstrand, and Renea Michelle Mohler, of St. Charles.

Daniel James Klavetter, of Pine Island, and Rogena June Warner, of Pine Island.

Ann Therese Kellogg, of Rochester, and Kevin Patrick Fogarty, of Rochester.

Collin Everett Philipps, of Rochester, and Heather Marie Delaney, of Rochester.

Kayla Renee Staub, of Rochester, and Timothy Edward-Anthony McNallan, of Rochester.

Leslie Ann Strasser, of Rochester, and Jason Charles Stoning, of Rochester.

Zachary Wilson Parlier, of Rochester, and Glory Taylor Lucas, of Rochester.

Joshua Michael Duerr, of Rochester, and Camille Louise Angelici, of Rochester.

Joon Ho Uhm, of Rochester, and Connie Lynn Thompson, of Rochester.

Aaron Brennan Jeffery Mehling, of Kasson, and Bailie Michelle Bakken, of Kasson.

Maisa Jean Johnson, of Rochester, and Brett Michael Boese, of Rochester.

Bradley John Kemper, of Stewartville, and Brittany Ann Passehl, of Stewartville.

Elizabeth Margaret Sullivan, of Rochester, and Charity Sue Burton, of Rochester.

Katherine Rose Daly, of Rochester, and Cody John Witter-Campbell, of Cherry Point, N.C.

Chikara Pacito Giovanni Orval, of Leidschendam, South Holland, Netherlands, and Ke Zhang, of Rochester.

Connie Lou Davidson, of Rochester, and John Wayne Raymond Munson, of Rochester.

Shannon Christine Dale, of Zumbro Falls, and William Rollin Geyer, of Rockville, Md.

Tammy Lee Kispert, of Rochester, and Terry Lee Brandt, of Rochester.

Ann Christine Anderson, of Bellingham, Wash., and Robert Gerald Morgan, of Bellingham, Wash.

Brian James Schmitz, of Rochester, and Deirdre Mary Conroy, of Rochester.

Dalton George Sycks, of Chapel Hill, N.C., and Danielle Leigh Thibodeau, of Chapel Hill, N.C.

David Paul Wogen, of Wabasha, and Maria Leta Bezdecheck, of Wabasha.

Steven Lowell Tibben, of Byron, and Deirdre Ellen Marzolf, of Byron.

Abdirahman Mohamed Ikar, of Rochester, and Madiha Hamza Abdulrahman, of Rochester.

Blaine Jeffrey Carlson, of Eyota, and Heidi Marie Hilgers, of Eyota.

Glen Marshall Shirk, of Rochester, and Emmeline G. McCoy, of Rochester.

Abdiaziz Hashi Hassan, of Rochester, and Ifrah Abdullahi Mohamoud, of Rochester.

Samuel Gert A Thys, of Rochester, and Ifrah Abdullahi Mohamoud, of Rochester.

Mark Thomas Mullaney, of Rochester, and Tamara Glyn, of Rochester.

Suzanne Lee Peterson, of Rochester, and Steven Douglas Woslager, of Rochester.

Megan Rae Melendez, of Plainview, and Bryce Aaron Lubinski, of Plainview.

Sandra Jean Koster, of Byron, and William Gilbert Mogen Jr., of Byron.

Andrew Martin Holman, of Rochester, and Paige Arin Kleespie, of Rochester.

Marriage licenses and dissolutions are public records and are available at the city/county Government Center in Rochester. For more information, call 328-7660.

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