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Mower County township election results

Adams: Levy set at $180,427, same as last year. Kim Bissen elected supervisor. Ryan Mullenbach elected clerk. Discussion about combining polling places with the city of Adams for the general election. Gopher bounty set at $3.

Austin: Results not available.

Bennington: Set the levy same as last year: $30,000, general; $89,000, road and bridge. Voted to combine the clerk and treasurer positions after longtime clerk Paul Main retired. He had been clerk 35 years. Discussed division of the windmill tax, and decided to keep all of the 20 percent allocated by the state. Township elections are in the fall. Gopher bounty set at $3.

Clayton: Elected Michael Arndorfer supervisor; Richard Schaufler supervisor; and David Weness clerk. Set levy at $55,000, road and bridge; $11,611, fire and ambulance. Gopher bounty set at $4.

Dexter: Results not available.


Frankford: Results not available.

Grand Meadow: Set levy at $100,000; $85,000, roads and bridges; $15,000 general. Discussed combining with Grand Meadow for elections and sharing judges and machines. Topic was tabled to collect more information. Gopher bounty set at $2. Township elects officers in November.

Lansing: Results not available.

LeRoy: Set the levy same as last year; $150,000 for road and bridge; $20,000 for town. Elected Dan Wesness as supervisor and Melinda Morse as clerk. Gopher bounty set at $4.

Lodi: Results not available.

Lyle: Results not available.

Marshall: Results not available.

Nevada: Results not available.


Pleasant Valley: Elected Lonnie Wendt supervisor, Rebecca Schulz clerk. Set levy at $20,000, general; $80,000, road and bridge. Levy is the same as last year. gopher bounty set at $4 for pockets; $2 for striped.

Racine: Elected Bruce Bucknell supervisor; Pat Stier supervisor; and Audrey Oehlke clerk. Set the levy at $202,604, a 1 percent reduction from last year: $150,000, general; $168,104, road and bridge; $13,500, Stewartville fire; $3,000, Grand Meadow fire; $3,000, ambulance. Donated $500 to Mower County Historical Society.

Red Rock: Results not available.

Sargeant: Levy set at $110,000. Gopher bounty set at $3.

Udolpho: Results not available.

Waltham: Eugene Anderson elected as supervisor with 13 votes and Colleen Moe elected as clerk with 16 votes. Both ran unopposed. Levy is the same at $130,000.

Windom: Results not available.

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