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Olmsted County Fair wine show winners

2014 Olmsted County Fair Wine Show Winners

MN Red Grape

Randy Torgeson, MN Wild Grape - Sweet, 1st Place

Gio Zett, Red Blend - Dry, 2nd Place

Zac Fox, Sabrevois - Dry, 3rd Place


Other Red Grape

Gio Zett, Malbec, 1st Place

Bob Nelson, Malbec, 2nd Place

Ron Spain, Zin / Cab Franc, 3rd Place

Table or Flavored Red

Curt Naylor, Blackberry Merlot, 1st Place

Randy Torgeson, Red Grape, 2nd Place

Bob Cline, Red Blend, 3rd Place



Curt Naylor, Grape Rose', 1st Place

MN White Grape

Zac Fox, Prairie Star - Sweet, 1st Place

Zac Fox, LaCrescent - Sweet, 2nd Place

Judy Twaddle, Brianna, 2nd Place

Tom Eberhard, MN White Blend, 3rd Place

Table or Flavored White


No Entries


Randy Torgeson, Concord, 1st Place

John Rud, Concord, 2nd Place

Fruit - Dry

Judy Twaddle, Strawberry Rhubarb, 1st Place

Bob Cline, Apple, 2nd Place

Dave Sprenger, Concord, 3rd Place


Fruit - Sweet

Bob Nelson, Lemon, 1st Place

Curt Nayor, Crabapple, 2nd Place

Bob Cline, Rhubarb, 3rd Place

Berry - Dry

Judy Twaddle, Elderberry, 1st Place

Tom Eberhard, Cranberry, 2nd Place

Ben Klankowski, Raspberry, 3rd Place


Berry - Sweet

Randy Torgeson, Red Raspberry, 1st Place

Curt Nayor, Cranberry, 2nd Place

Zac Fox, Raspberry, 3rd Place

Other - Dry

No Entries

Other - Sweet

Zac Fox, Habanero Pepper, 1st Place


Curt Nayor, Rhubarb, 2nd Place

Zac Fox, Rhubarb, 3rd Place

Ron Spain, Rhubarb, 3rd Place


No Entries


Randy Torgeson, Black Raspberry Melomel, 1st Place

Randy Torgeson, Mead, 2nd Place

Curt Nayor, Apple Cyser, 3rd Place

Dessert & Fortified

Ron Spain, Chocolate Raspberry Port, 1st Place

Zac Fox, Raspberry, 3rd Place

Best MN Grape Wine

Randy Torgeson, MN Wild Grape

Best Other Grape Wine

Gio Zett, Malbec

Best Table or Flavored Grape Wine

Curt Nayor, Blackberry Merlot

Best County Wine

Randy Torgeson, Red Raspberry

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