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Pacelli announces science-fair winners

The scientists at Pacelli Elementary School were in action Thursday, sharing experiments, hypotheses and results.

The winners are:

Third grade

Physical Science

First — Anastasia Mitchell, "The Effects of Conduction and Evaporation on Ability to Freeze"


Second — William Kahle and Garrett Johnson, "How Much Salt Does it Take to Float an Egg?"

Third — Leo Einck, "Do you feel what I feel?"

Family Consumer Science

First — Shenali DeSilva, "Young and Lovely Vitamin E"

Second — Rachel Christenson, "Fuzzy Cheese"

Fourth grade

Health Science and Human Performance

Animal Science and Behavioral and Social Sciences


First — Connor Byram, "Sports Balls Rebound Rate"

Second — Sarah Bachmeier, "Ambidextrous Pups"

Third — Getsemani Ramirez, "Tongue Roll"

Physical Science and Chemistry

First — Samuel Keenan, "Melting Ice"

Second — Abigail Bollingberg, "Super Melting Salt"

Third — Charlie Kanne, "Magnitude of Magnets"

Environmental and Plant Science


First — Jordyn Aakre, "Red, Blue, White … Which Plant Will Produce the Most Height?"

Second — Pal Koak, "Sand or Dirt"

Third — Marissa McConnell, "Water Colors"

Engineering, Computers and Math; Energy and Transportation

First —  Emily Toland, "Put Your Water to Work"

Second — Owen Culbert, "Longer Lasting Batteries"

Third — Thomas Kroymann, "Need Better Gas Mileage?"

Family Consumer Science


First — Isabella Truong-Ferreira, "Popcorn Left Behind"

Second — Skylar Guzman, "Germ Invasion"

Third — Alia Dorsey, "Diaper Overflow"

Fifth grade

Chemistry, Microbiology and Energy and Transportation Science

First — Mitchell Mayer, "The Perfect Flight"

Second — Elizabeth Christenson, "Grow Bacteria Grow"

Third — Madison Hasley, "Sugar it Up"


Family Consumer Science

First — Daisy Hernandez, "Pectin Power!"

Second — Nyagoa Paul, "No More Yucky Diapers"

Third — Emily Rosenthal, "Bubble Gum Blows!"

Health, Physical, Environmental and Plant Science

First — Shane DeSilva, "Nourishing Nitrogen"

Second — Sahil Patel, "Breathe it Out"

Third — Cesar Arizpe, "The Bat Master"


Outstanding Research Award from The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic:

Daisy Hernandez, "Pectin Power!"

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