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Profile: Bobbie Gallas — Rochester School Board Director 3

Bobbie Gallas

Bobbie Gallas

Age: 52

Education: Some college, RCTC

Occupation: Paraprofessional in RPS

Political experience: Ran for school board in 2012


Community involvement:RYBA, SEMVA, District and site committees, as well as being able to be involved with community that has allowed me to build relationships with city and state officials.

Website: http://gallas4sb.wordpress.com

What would be your top three priorities?

1. Student-focused

2. Accountability

3. Stronger community relationships

1. What are your thoughts on the possible expansion of the 45/15 schedule?

Questions have not been answered by the district on how and why 45/15. Will 45/15 be whole district or partial, making that a choice for students, parents and staff? What will the district do to insure the success of 45/15? In order to have a successful outcome the district needs to decide what they are trying to accomplish with 45/15 and will this goal be successful for students.


2. What are your thoughts on the possibility of the school board increasing the school district levy by 9 percent in 2017 to bring in about $4.4 million more in property tax dollars than this year's $49.5 million?

As stated at the Sept. 20 board meeting, the levy will keep what we have; there will be no cuts till 2019-2020. Having heard this same explanation less than a year ago for the referendum, will the district truly keep what they have? Why does the district need to levy the taxpayers when the districts total revenue will be going up an additional $1,055 per pupil in 2017, (According to MDE)?

3. What will you do as a school board member to address the finding of disparate discipline between students of color and white students in the district?

The disparate discipline in the district has been addressed in the OCR report. As a school board member I would like to see if the actions the district has taken, have worked. The district has stated there have been significant changes, but has the district said if they have worked? Has what the district implemented shown the improvement? As a school board member, I would like to see proven change, not stated change.

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