Five two-person teams fo researchers have received funding from the Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics.

The state-funded grants for these projects total nearly $5 million. Among the projects are a long-lasting COVID-19 vaccine, new treatments for breast and other cancers, and gene-editing techniques to prevent birth defects.

The five teams will initiate the two-year projects aimed at improving treatment of diseases that affect Minnesotans. Projects are selected based on the quality and rigor of the proposed research, importance of the medical need and potential of future commercialization.

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Each team includes people from Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota. It’s required that the studies be collaborative and that the projects could not be pursued by either institution alone.

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Those in Rochester receiving the grants are Michael Barry, David Masopust, Joseph Lillegard, Li Ou, Scott Kaufmann, Daniel Harki, Richard Vile, Antonella Borgatti, Carol Lange, Antonio D'Assoro.

This is the partnership's 17th year of spearheading new scientific ideas in Minnesota.