Sister Generose Gervais receives honorary doctorate

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Sister Generose Gervais, of the Order of Saint Francis, was presented with an honorary doctorate during commencement ceremonies on May 9 at Saint Mary's University in Winona.

Gervais was awarded the Doctorate of Humanities in recognition of "her commitment to Catholic health care and for her many years of service at Mayo Clinic Hospital-Saint Marys Campus," according to a SMU statement.

The award also recognized Gervais for her work establishing the Poverello Foundation, which helps those needing financial support in order to receive services at Saint Marys hospital.

In brief remarks, Gervais thanked "God for the graces and blessings that he gives each of us every day," as well as the university and the Christian Brothers, according to the SMU statement. She accepted the honor in the name of the Sisters of Saint Francis and acknowledged "my parents ... who helped raise me during the years of the Great Depression.

"Our actions speak louder than our words," she told the new graduates, "... be sure that you are as good as people think you are because they have put their trust in you. So don't ever do anything that would destroy their faith and hope."

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