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Something fishy is going on at Pacelli Catholic Elementary School

There is a place in Seattle called Pike Place Fish Market that is world famous, but not for their fish. They are world famous because of the relationships they build with their customers.

Pacelli elementary staff, students and teachers try to model their Fish Philosophy. The Fish Philosophy language is used throughout our building, and even our kindergartners understand these principles.


The four principles are:

1. Be There.


2. Play.

3. Make Their Day.

4. Choose Your Attitude.

Pacelli Catholic Elementary is always watching for good behavior centered around these four principles. Being there for other people means helping them when things aren’t going so well for them.

Playing in a Christian way makes bullying unacceptable.

Choosing a good attitude is not always easy, but your attitude affects everyone around you.

Students can make people’s days by giving to the food shelf, giving a compliment, or just making someone feel welcome in our building. We have a common language among our students and staff promoting all four principles.

There is a quote that the fishmongers in Seattle use often, "Love the people first, sell the fish second." At Pacelli, we "Love the children first, educate them second." As you know, a good teacher puts their heart and soul into their teaching. If students know you care, they will perform better. Didn’t you perform better for a teacher who took an interest in you?


Creating relationships is what life is all about. Pacelli Elementary is building relationships with our students so they can perform better. The relationships are what students are going to remember.

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