Minnesotans celebrate the first snow and maybe even the 20th, but not when it snows on the Fourth of July.

Recently, my goldendoodle puppy, Simba taught me an important lesson about going with the flow.

Before her first winter, I worried Simba won’t find enough grass for her needs. From shoveling a small patch in the yard to getting artificial grass — I weighed many different options. But when it snowed, Simba just marched into the white landscape, ran around and loved getting wet.

Snow in Minnesota, heat in Arizona, dust storms in the Sahara are inevitable. You can’t change the weather. But your mind has the choice to accept the extremes if you live at one of these places. That’s choosing wisely.

Acceptance doesn’t mean I love the dust storm. Accept means I won’t fight a psychological battle with the storm.

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Instead, I will save my energy to do what I can to stay safe and savor other aspects of life.

Acceptance helps you transcend your limitations, even personal disabilities, so you turn them into strengths, transforming your life and lifting others.

Think of a few uncontrollable aspects of your life that you are willing to accept today.

Dr. Amit Sood answers questions about stress, resilience, happiness, relationships and related topics in his column. Email dearfriend@postbulletin.com.