Your heart first serves blood to itself, to serve the body. Be kind to yourself to be kind to others.

The human heart beats about 100,000 times a day, pumping 2,000 gallons of blood. Before sending the blood to the body, the heart keeps 5% of the blood flow for itself, or about 100 gallons a day. If the heart didn’t do that, it wouldn’t be able to serve the body.

The same applies to you. Preserving your energy and being kind to yourself helps you share your energy and be kind to others.

Part of self-kindness is recognizing that every person has limitations. We are all phenomenal in many ways, yet limited.

None of us can run like a cheetah, swim like a dolphin, see like an eagle, or rhyme like Dr. Seuss.

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We are strong, but not in every domain — there's no point comparing someone else’s strengths with ours.

Today, think of different ways you can be kind to yourself. The entire world’s kindness and love that come to you flow through you. You only receive the love you believe you deserve.

And when you choose to be kind to yourself, it becomes much easier to be kind to the world.

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