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What did we do before roof rakes?

Dear Answer Man, what did people do before the invention of roof rakes? Back in the day, I don't remember people EVER talking about roof rakes. I never saw a grown man raking snow from his roof or fretting about ice dams.

     This is all just hype to sell roof rakes, right? — Jaded

I'm a healthy skeptic like you, Jaded, but one of these days I may regret it. Most people get along just fine without removing snow from their roofs, but others whose homes have worn-out shingles, not enough insulation, air flow issues or other structural problems will wind up with water damage, mold growth and frustration. They'll wish they hadn't been skeptical about roof rakes.

If you don't believe ice dams cause damage, talk to your insurance agent. They're busy this week with damage claims from homeowners who have water dripping from their ceilings.

Being a vibrant young man, I can't relate to Jaded's "back in the day" kind of thinking. Just because they didn't have roof rakes when I was a boy in the '90s doesn't mean they're not a good idea — and they're certainly a better solution than hoisting a snow blower up there.

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