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When did ribbons of highway earn stripes?

Dear Answer Man, I was born and raised in Spring Valley, Minn. When I was a youngster, the state of Minnesota did not paint stripes on highways for a few years because it was too expensive. Can you tell me what year that was? Thank you. — John Metcalf, Fort Myers, Fla.

John, you should be out on the beach enjoying Fort Myers' weather, rather than questioning ancient history in Minnesota. I know it's cold down there right now, but still...

Two states claim to be the first to paint a center line on highways, California and Michigan. According to Michigan road historians, they originated in Wayne County in 1911 and were first painted on a Michigan state highway in 1917, which is also the year they appeared on a California highway.

I haven't heard of Minnesota scrimping on painting stripes on highways, during the Depression or any other time. I checked a few road sources and got nowhere. If any helpful readers want to steer me in the right direction, send a note.

If ever Minnesota couldn't afford a little paint for roads, it would be this year, with the projected $6.2 billion budget deficit. Hopefully MnDOT has a few cans in the warehouse.

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