Evan Mathis


Evan who was born on August 26, 1984 died unexpectedly on Decemeber 30, 2021. Evan was 37 years old.

Evan Mathis had talked about wanting people to remember his legacy and what it would be. Everyone will because he was his own legacy. He was a loving father who had a good heart. Evan wore his heart on his sleeve and treated his friends like family. His smile could light up any room. Evan made friends where ever he went because he had an infectious personality that people were drawn to. Evan had a passion for music and enjoyed jammin to his favorite songs on the guitar He liked going to concerts, and being with friends.

What Evan loved more than music though were his children Raiden, Corbin and  Lilly. Even though their time together was short, they were always on his mind and he was proud to be their dad.

Evan had a amazing passion for life. He should be remembered for his caring free spirit and a genuine soul. Evan was a joy to be around and will be missed by many. He will forever live on in the hearts and memories of those closest to him.

Evan is survived by his 3 children Raiden Corbin, and  Lilly, and brothers Stephen and Ron. 

Evans closest friends will be celebrating his legacy at Whistle Binkies  North at 4pm this Sunday 01/16/21. All who knew and  loved him  are able to attend.

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