At a time when many small businesses temporarily shut down by the pandemic are making tough decisions about re-opening, an essential Rochester big box store is closing its doors for good.

Today is the last day for office supplies giant Staples' Med City store at 3839 Marketplace Drive NW.

The Framingham, Mass.-based company has not responded to multiple emails and calls about the Rochester closing. Employees answering the phone today (Friday) said they are closing. That tracks with buzz that started last week about the fate of the 24,000-square-foot store.

While Staples was open until 6 p.m. Friday, it sounded a bit chaotic in the store on Friday.

"It's a disaster here, because people are packing up boxes everywhere," said an employee.

The employee confirmed that Staples will not be open on Saturday or ever again.

Unlike most recent closures, Staples has continued to operate with some changes through April and March as an essential store with cleaning and home office supplies. It's unclear why a business with some revenue still coming in every day is shutting up shop.

The Axiosnews service reported earlier this month that Staples, despite being open, was telling landlords that it wouldn't be paying rent for April. Staples declined to comment.

Staples opened the store in 2001as part of the then-new Rochester Marketplacedevelopment. It opened with 40 employees.

IN 2014, Staples closed its storein nearby Austin.