In the wake of threats by its owners to close its Rochester manufacturing operations, Crenlo Engineered Cabs now is in talks to receive financial boosts from the State of Minnesota and the city.

From Facebook:

Blaine Delzer: Modern day hostage taking... give us money to keep the jobs here... let them leave... Mayo will fill the void... they already own Rochester anyway..

Ross Goddard: I've only heard terrible things about the working conditions, this isn't much of a moral decision and it doesn't make logical sense either.

Steve Arett: So Rochester subsidizes Crenlo and then raises taxes again to cover the cost??? Not right in my opinion.

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Todd Yancey: All because of the Union. Again. Unions are great. For nobody but the Union.

Beth Stoltenberg-Davis: Maybe they should have taken the insurance money from the roof collapse and put it back into the plant. Instead, they invested in their other companies located outside of Minnesota. Now they want a handout??