Minnesota has started offering free fishing licenses, passes to state parks and tickets to fairs and amusement parks as part of its latest push to convince Minnesotans to get vaccinated against COVID-19. How readers reacted online:

From Facebook:

Steve Palmberg: Screw us whom did our duty already.

Zach Sander: Steve Palmberg, Who cares?! We need more people to get vaccinated! You did your civic duty and have been able to see vaccinated friends and family. I think you'll be OK without the Valleyfair coupon.

Sharon Smith: Some people need an incentive. Wish people would do it to help their communities.

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Jared Pfaffenbach: I remember when the boys dared me to eat a tree toad for $15 when I was 12. Incentives work!

Jason Fink: The shot itself comes at a zero price, now the state government is going to essentially bribe people to get a zero price shot? Our useless Legislature at it's finest.