The Silver Lake Pool was closed permanently by the Park Board, with City Council approval, last year due to funding cuts related to the pandemic. The pool received no funding in the city’s 2021 budget. But now the council has agreed to discuss whether the pool should reopen.

From Facebook:

Herta Matteson:

It is quite nice for those who are able to join a club or drive to surrounding communities. But to take this away from underserved communities is just callous. Rochester is big enough and rich enough to maintain pools for people. It’s a service not a business..

Jane VerWeyst: Silver Lake and Soldier’s Field pools are old. Rochester needs to consider new facilities such as those in surrounding communities. Children deserve a place to learn to swim..

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Mike Mathiason: When the pools were open, no one came. Why would the city sink money into something that will cost the city millions and never break even?

Pamela Goetzman: Yes, I think it’s sad you drive to other small towns and they can operate a water park!

Rock Rockerson: It’s a sad day that “med city“ is contemplating or actually slated to close the lackluster water facility. With the mega monstrosity Mayo Clinic and a city that wants to be cutting edge, it’s deplorable that parents must take their children to outlying cities to enjoy modern aquatic centers.