A gifted student loves her neighborhood school

I write regarding your April 5 article headlined "Rochester gifted and talented program shrinks." As a parent of a child who qualified for the third grade Sunset Terrace class slated for fall, I commend the school district for attempting to meet the needs of a small percentage of kids.

However, I wish officials had done a better job of fostering parental support for the program. Why bother expending time and resources on testing, meetings and communication when so few opted to have their child attend?

Luckily for our family there is a bright side to the program's eradication. Although her dad and I were ready to have our daughter switch schools, she never wanted to leave Elton Hills Elementary. It's a place where Grandpa Bob volunteers every Wednesday, last year's teachers still dispense hugs, the secretary scours the school for a lost cactus, the principal takes notes while you speak and the music instructor sends home parent achievement awards... I could go on. In these ways and many more, the district has done a lot right by a girl who loves her school too much to leave it.

Renee Berg


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