About the Kahler buyers

This is from Finance & Commerce, which typically has good backgrounding on stories of this kind:

"The buyers are various LLCs registered to the address of the Dunlap & Seeger law firm in Rochester. Brad Jones, executive director of the Rochester Convention and Visitors Bureau, said he was told that they are a group of Rochester-area investors.

Daniel Berndt, a lawyer with the Dunlap & Seeger firm in Rochester, is identified as the buyer’s representative on the CRVs. Berndt, a former president of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce, didn’t return calls seeking comment before F&C’s deadline.

The Dunlap firm has represented Mayo in the past, and Sharon Zehe, a legal counsel for Mayo, is a former member of the Dunlap firm. Whether Mayo was part of the investment group is unclear."

Dunlap has represented a lot of people and firms in the past, and if we totalled up people in town who currently or formerly worked at Mayo, it would be close to the entire adult population of Rochester. Still, it's an enticing thought that maybe Mayo has skin in the Kahler buy.

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