Ahh, I've got a complaint

PHERSY:So we've gotten a call or two in our days here at the Post-Bulletin that started out just like the header to this blog post. Today we received a voice mail that made us laugh a great deal.

Some joker called in to tell us to lay off Tarvaris Jackson. And his logic was that Brett Favre was garbage when he started, and look what he turned out to be.

Now, No. 1, I don't think anyone is writing off Jackson's career at this point. He has been terrible so far, that's all anyone is saying.

And I hate Brett Favre with an unrivaled passion. But there's no way I'm comparing T-Jacks to him at this point. Or probably at any point, for that matter. He can't make it through his first season as a starter without getting hurt (more than once), and Favre has started more consecutive games than any QB in NFL history. So let's not go there ... ever.

The other funny thing about this voice mail ... Post-Bulletin staff writers aren't writing editorials about Tarvaris Jackson (that's from the higher power here ... you won't see me or Feldy writing a column ripping Jackson ... we may want to, but we're not allowed to write about stuff that isn't "local"). So how are we supposed to lay off T-Jacks if we never ripped him?


Anyway, I don't think it's unfair to say T-Jacks is bad. He is right now. But I don't think people have given up on his career just yet. Maybe in three weeks, but not just yet.

* * *

FELDY: Maybe the caller's right Phersy, I mean T-Jack works sooooooo hard </sarcasm>.

Please. The guy is a starting quarterback in the NFL and he completed six passes on Sunday. SIX!

The Brett Favre comparison is terrible. I hate it when people use those kinds of things as excuses. It's apples and oranges. If you want to compare Jackson's style of play to Favre's, I'll listen to that argument (though their styles are nowhere near similar), but the fact that Brett Favre turned himself into one of the top five or 10 QBs of all time has absolutely no bearing, one way or another, on how Tarvaris Jackson will do. It's a ridiculous argument.

Yes, Brett Favre wasn't great when he started. Nor were David Klingler, Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Cade McNown or Drew Henson.

I've never once said the Vikings should cut Jackson or trade him or that drafting him was a bad move. But when your defense is good enough to allow your offense win games, IT'D BE NICE TO HAVE A QB WHO CAN COMPLETE MORE THAN SIX PASSES IN A GAME!

And as for P-B writers not editorializing about Jackson, Phersy's correct -- we can't, most of the time. That said, has this caller ever read our full page of Vikings stuff in Saturday's paper? There's a little thing that anchors the top of the page called "Points on the Purple." That's about as editorializing as you can get, and it's really the only time we're able to editorialize about anything that's not "local."

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