All too often, other drivers cause motorcycle accidents

There have been far too many motorcycle accidents of late, and as a motorcyclist, I am always saddened by this news, especially when it happens to someone I know, as was the case earlier this month.

My problem is with the news accounts of these accidents, which tend to make it sound as if the motorcyclist was at fault.

When the paper says the biker collided with a car, how many times does that mean the car pulled out or turned in front of the biker, and the biker had no time to react to avoid the collision? I feel that motorcycle awareness classes should be given to all drivers.

Motorcyclists drive with our headlights on all the time and still we are told, "I didn't see you." I guess I can understand why the Harley riders like their bikes so loud — at least other drivers should be able to hear them.

My husband and I each drive a Goldwing, and you would think they are large enough to be seen, but we still hear the same excuse.


I know there are some motorcyclists out there who are less than considerate and do not practice safe driving, but I think they are the minority.

There are "Share the Road" signs for bicycles. If drivers can't see a motorcycle, how can anyone on a bicycle feel safe?

Pam Kirgis


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