Answer Man: Klobuchar knows Mayo Clinic from the inside

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Dear All-Knowing One: I seem to recall that Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who is now running for president, had surgery of some kind a few years ago at Mayo Clinic. With your inside connections, any idea what the surgery was for? A Future Voter

Dear Voter: I do have some inside knowledge on Sen. Klobuchar’s Mayo procedure, but I can assure you it comes from inside her own book, rather than from a Mayo employee violating patient confidentiality rules.

In her book, "The Senator Next Door," Klobuchar relates that during her first senate campaign in 2006, an initial hip replacement, not done at Mayo Clinic, had become unbearably painful. So in August of that year, a week before a major debate at Farmfest, she had the hip replacement redone, this time by Mayo’s Dr. Robert Toursdale.

Typical of Klobuchar’s self-deprecating humor, she relates asking, just as the surgery ended, "Is Dr. Trousdale a Republican?" He assured her he was an independent.

The surgery was a success, but Klobuchar had to use crutches for a while and "my right leg was so swollen and painful I had to buy new pants."


Most politicians would find it mortifying to reveal such personal information. Not Klobuchar, though, which is why I didn’t need to tap any inside sources for this column.

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