Answer Man: New Mayo TV ads are quietly impressive

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Dear Answerman: Last week, I started noticing a TV commercial that seems to take place in Arizona with two women riding through the desert in an old pickup. There is little talking, but one of the gals is giving support to the other gal, then drops her off at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. It’s really well done — no voice overs — just the building with the name Mayo Clinic.

On Sunday afternoon a cool ad came on with a young guy fishing, and then a shot of a water tower with just the letters "OTA" showing. The clip then shows the guy in the passenger seat with wind turbines in the background. Suddenly, they are in a city — and pulling up to the Gonda Building.

Do you have any background on the ads? I am impressed with how quiet the ads are — no loud voiceovers. Thanks for any information you have. — Wondering in Ostrander

If you were one of the many watching cable TV this week, you may have noticed something new from Mayo Clinic: Commercials.

Mayo Clinic recently launched a new ad campaign titled, "The Journey to Certainty." The campaign features three ads, Road Trip, Lucky Hat and Train Ride. All were led by award-winning director Frederic Planchon.


The three ads feature music composed by Gustavo Santaolalla (who won Academy Awards for best original score for Brokeback Mountain and Babel) and typography by Neville Brody, an English graphic designer (who according to his website has worked with companies like Christian Dior and Nike). Mayo partnered with advertising agency TWBA/Chiat/Day in New York for this.

Each ad starts with a person en-route to a Mayo Clinic property and ends with each person entering one of Mayo’s three branches, Jacksonville, Phoenix or Rochester. All of the 60-second films end with the tagline, "You know where to go," and the Mayo Clinic emblem with "Jacksonville/Phoenix/Rochester."

If you missed these on air or want to see them again, you can find them on Mayo Clinic’s YouTube channel . Yes, it has its own channel, with nearly 170,000 subscribers to boot. There is even an extended version of "Road Trip" available there for those of you who would like more.

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