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Answers to DMC questions fail to address local vision for downtown

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I went to the Destination Medical Center meeting Dec. 17 to find answers to two questions: What is the plan for the $400 million transportation budget, and what is the vision for the future for downtown Rochester?

I got my answers. Light rail ... …ah ... the new trolley system will solve all our problems. There will be no parking problem because there will be no parking, except for Mayo Clinic customers. If you want to park, you need to go to northeast or southeast Rochester, use public park-and-ride facilities and take the light rail ... ah ... trolley to downtown Rochester.

According to the consultant, 35 percent of the people going to work at Mayo Clinic will be using light rail ... er ... the trolley system. This must be some park-and-ride facilities with 35,000 to– 45,000 parking spaces. I wonder if they will use a tram system like Disney does.

So the vision of the future is from a New York-based consultant, run by Minneapolis-based politicians. I guess this time they will get it right, or you can have a vision of the future by using light rail ... … ah ... the trolley ... no ... the light rail system in Minneapolis today. I guess the streets in downtown Rochester will have armed guards asking for your passport ...… ah ... Mayo parking pass.

Max Sullivan



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