Appointment kiosks on way for Mayo Clinic patients


In the vein of self-checkout at Target or self check-in at the airport, Mayo Clinic is installing appointment check-in kiosks throughout its Rochester campus in "early May"

These kiosks will work with the new patient online portal that is firing up as a part of the massive Epics Systems transition on May 5.

I've reached out to Mayo Clinic to write an article about the kiosks. 

What do you (the reader) want to know about these new things?

Here's a little from Mayo Clinic's brochure on this:


What is the Kiosk?

The Kiosk is a new piece of equipment that you’ll be able to use when you come to Mayo Clinic. You can check in for your appointments with the kiosk. You can also make payments on your account balances.


Do I have to use the Kiosk to check in for my appointment?

No, using the Kiosk is just one option. You will still be able to check in with Mayo staff members when you arrive for your appointment.You’ll also have the option to start the check in process at home by using the new eCheck-In feature in Patient Online Services. You can do this up to seven days before your appointment.


What will happen to the Mayo Clinic staff members who used to help me?

Desk staff will continue to be present and help you.Kiosks are not replacements for desk staff but, rather, kiosks support what staff does.There will be some cases when you will find that you cannot use the kiosk. Staff will be available to help you check in for your appointment.

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