Bad start to Valentine's Day at the LEC

News release from RFD:

Time and date of Incident:  5:03 am 2/14/2014

Incident Address:  703 1st Street SW (Law enforcement parking garage)

Situation Found:  Rochester Fire Department arrived to find a sprinkler line that had been accidentally broken, weather was not the cause. The incident took place in the heated garage where Rochester Police and Olmsted County parked their squad cars.

Actions Taken:  RFD silenced the alarm and shut off the water supply and supply pump.


Assisting Agencies:  Olmsted County maintenance, Sherriff’s department, and Rochester Police Department

Damage Description:  Water up to a few inches in some spots isolated to the parking garage, a drain was present and functioning. No water damage to report.

Damage Estimate: $500 to fix broken sprinkler pipe and reset system

Other disposition of ill or injured if not transported:  Click here to enter text.

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