Be fully informed before signing recall petition

Although I do not live in Commissioner Deb Roschen’s district, I am a resident of Wabasha County.  It is important the voters in District 2 understand how their participation regarding the recall petition will impact the county. Clearly, Commissioner Roschen has become the target of unethical people who are using the voters of District 2 as a pawn in their political war.


Therefore, I want to share some things with you that the petitioners will not disclose to you when they come to your door:


You must read the 10-page document prior to signing the petition.



The document is comprised of all unverified allegations.


Your signature indicates that you affirm allegations that will be proven in court as false and deceptive.


If you sign your name, your information becomes a public record and anyone who wishes to see who you are will be able to do so.


Signers of the petition may be revealed to the public through various means.



You are going to add more financial burden to the taxpayers of Wabasha County as this issue will then require legal fees and future election(s).


I encourage people to be certain they know what their signature means and how it will impact all of us who live in Wabasha County.


Karen Graves

Rural Rochester

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