Be ready with questions when candidates start knocking on your door

Elections season means the legislative candidates are out door-knocking, talking to voters and answering their questions. Here are five questions you may want to ask them.

1. Do you think our jobs market is acceptable? If not, what are your ideas on how to grow jobs in Minnesota?

2. Do you think the current tax burden on any segment of the population is excessive? If so, what are your ideas on how to reduce the tax burden on that segment?

3. What are your transportation priorities and can they be funded without raising any taxes?

4. What is your view of the MNsure health insurance marketplace?


5. What is your overall view on the role of state government?

If a candidate is running unopposed, keep them engaged in the campaign. If they don't knock on your door, then figuratively knock on theirs. Call or send them an e-mail and ask the questions above or your own that you would ask a candidate in a contested election. If you don't get an answer or are not satisfied with their answers or their party's legislative priorities in general, then feel free to either abstain or use the write-in space on your ballot for that office.

Mark Bofferding


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