Bike lanes teach drivers to share the road

This letter is in response to the letter to the editor by Mary Barrett on Dec. 15 regarding the design of Rochester bike lanes. This presents a good opportunity to raise public awareness and to educate both cyclists and motorists.

Bike lanes help to separate motor vehicles and bikes and to create awareness among drivers to share the road. Repeated studies have borne these facts out, including a U.S. Department of Transportation study that found conclusively that bicycle lanes can and should be used to improve riding conditions for bicyclists.

As for cyclists' behavior, they should generally ride in the right-most lane that serves their destination. If, for example, a cyclist is going straight through an intersection, he or she should move to the left of

the right turn lane. The bike lanes as designed and implemented in Rochester reinforce this philosophy.

Lastly, cyclists should be responsible road users. That includes scanning for traffic and clearly signaling their intent before changing lanes.


    Charlie Quigg


    Rochester-Olmsted Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee

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