Birth control ruling should have women ready to fight back

This is in response to the Supreme Court ruling on birth control.

So when you need Viagra, your health insurance coverage should not have to cover it because it has to do with your reproductive health.

What about the working-class poor who can't afford $50 or more a month for birth control out of their own wages? If it is not covered, then we better open a lot of orphanages and get ready for a lot of women being on welfare. Either way, we are going to end up paying for this big mistake.

Watch out boys, here we come to take your jobs that cover birth control. I hope you like working at Hobby Lobby. It is nothing like Home Depot.

To the women of the United States: Now is the time to raise arms and fight for our reproductive health and rights. We have more power than you think; change can only occur if we make it happen.


This country is supposed to have a policy on the separation between church and state. When did the lines come down? Is it only OK when a big company wants to change it?

We celebrated our independence this fourth, but we also should weep for what we are losing. This is the first step ladies, and we should not allow them to take anymore.

Stephanie Eaton


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