Broasted toasted

Here's an appetizer in advance of the You Asked feast coming up -- other tips on where to find broasted chicken in the area?

BROASTED TOASTED:Some poultry-loving You Asked fans crowed about the broasted chicken at a couple of Rochester area restaurants.

The Ranch Family Restaurant -- no, the family’s name isn’t Ranch, it’s just a family restaurant -- at 1705 S. Broadway has the delectable pressure-fried chicken, as does Beetles Bar and Grill at 230 20th Ave. S.W.

One of the chicken-chat e-mails I received had this quote from hockey great Wayne Gretzky attached to the signature: "You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take."

Those are just about the only shots Gretzky missed. For those of you too young to know better, that was back when they still played hockey in the National Hockey League.

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