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Here's an e-mail I received today from Jeff Anderson & Associates, the extraordinarily zealous and media-savvy Twin Cities law firm that specializes in sexual abuse lawsuits against Catholic clergy, from the pope on down:

Today's lawsuit filed in Fargo, North Dakota, is an unfortunate example of just how dangerous Bro. Raimond Rose really is.
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Patrick W. Noaker
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St. Paul, MN  55101
Fax:  651-297-6543
Cell: 612-961-1307

So click on the link and you go to the "Anderson Advocates Blog," which is a clever marketing piece for the law firm's services. In case you miss the point, it says, "Call for a free consultation" and lists the phone number at the top. While the blog may have a socially redeeming purpose, it's clearly a way to drum up business from people who allege sexual abuse.

To be fair, it has a mission statement that says, "This blog has been established to provide a platform for sharing information and is dedicated to providing hope, healing, and the prevention of sexual abuse."

OK, I'll take that at face value, but it's also a platform for a lucrative and extremely well-publicized law practice.

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