Casey Anthony bears enormous responsibility in daughter's death

The moment Casey Anthony walks out of jail in Florida, America will be a poorer place. This woman's negligence and apathy toward her precious 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, eliminate her as a responsible citizen. She's simply another barbarian who couldn't even be bothered to protect her baby.

Debate Anthony's acquittal on murder charges all you want, the woman is not innocent. She should not be walking free. Therefore, another adjustment must be made to serve justice in America and to protect the kids: Caylee's Law.

At this point, 18 states are pursuing new laws that would make it a felony not to report a missing child within a couple of days. Each state is deciding the time frame. The intent of the law is to compel derelict parents like Anthony to alert authorities should something bad happen to their children. You may remember that Anthony told no one her daughter was missing for 31 days. If Caylee's Law had been in place, Anthony would be going to prison right now.

There are Americans who object to any new laws, believing the states already have enough power. But when it comes to protecting defenseless kids, that point of view doesn't wash. A few years ago, 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford was murdered by convicted child sex offender John Couey, who never should have been walking free. After that horrible crime, 44 states passed a version of Jessica's Law mandating long prison terms for convicted child rapists. The result: No longer is much of America plagued by misguided judges giving heinous child predators light sentences.

You have to wonder why Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, Vermont, Idaho and Colorado have failed to pass Jessica's law. You also have to question why anyone would oppose Caylee's Law. There is simply no excuse for any parent or guardian not to alert authorities when a child under the age of 12 goes missing. And 12 is the age most states are targeting for the new law.


With the Supreme Court legalizing virtual child pornography, and the Internet providing child predators with the most powerful, perverse tool they've ever had, society must come to grips with the danger presented to all children.


Anthony is a narcissistic sociopath who got away with the death of her daughter. Whatever happened, she bears an enormous responsibility. There is no way this woman should be walking free, and all Americans should shun her.

The larger question of protecting kids remains frustrating. This week, 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky was walking home from day camp in a secure Brooklyn neighborhood. Authorities later found the little boy's dismembered body. Police believe the man responsible will be convicted of murder.

But that's what many of us believed about Casey Anthony. It didn't happen. So we must provide even more protection for the children of this country. Pass Caylee's Law now.

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