Childcare providers don't need a union telling them what to do

I have been a licensed childcare provider in Olmsted County for almost 14 years. I have worked with dozens of children, families, my community, county and newspapers.

I have done all of this as a self-employed, independent contractor without the need or want for a union. Yet some people in St. Paul feel I should be mandated into a union against my will, without any choice.

This is nuts! I do not want to be part of a union! I am happily self-employed and set my hours, rates and conditions. It is not in my best interests, nor the interests of the families using childcare, to force us into a union.

Independant contractors should be solely responsible for the setting prices, conditions or anything else related to their business.

Legislators need to listen to the voices of the providers telling them to keep the unions out of our homes. To insinuate that there is something missing from the quality of our home programs without a union is an uneducated mistake.


Quality comes with nurturing with every hug, band-aid, song, story, game and lullabye.

Unions came into existence because of horrible working conditions. That is not the case here. The conditions are those that each provider chooses, and we don't need our choice manipulated through the megaphone, strong-arming and coruption of a union!

Molly Rieke


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