Column on Winky Dink sparks fond memories

Rob Artley's essay in the Nov. 17 Post Bulletin brought back for me a wonderful memory of my childhood and television.

Like Mr. Artley, my sister and I watched that "interactive" show, Winky Dink and You. Like Mr. Artley and his sibling, we thrilled at Winky's hair-breadth escapes from danger.

But we, like Mr. Artley, were short of funds to purchase the kit that would let us help Winky escape death and destruction. Our mother was deaf to our protestations. My sister registered her protest by using regular crayons on the TV screen. My mother was not amused; sister Susan was punished.

But her act of defiance yielded results. Within a month, we were the proud owners of the magic screen and crayons.

I cannot remember how many times we used the kit, but the TV screen stayed free of greasy crayon marks, and we saved Winky from who knows how many nasty fates.


Thank you, Mr. Artley, for triggering such a lovely memory.

Ray W. Felton 


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