Today, I am a 45-year-old assistant principal/athletic director at Kingman High School in Kingman, Kansas. I started my teaching career in 1999 as a teacher and coach. Over the last 20 years, I've worked my way up the career ladder and today I have the greatest job in education. Part of my job description is to watch high school athletes compete for their school and their community. I might have some long hours, but it is totally worth it.

Before my career in education, before college and even before my high school diploma, I was a Post-Bulletin newspaper carrier in Pine Island. As I think back, I delivered 40-45 newspapers. I walked and biked the same path for years and met many people along the way. I remember the Johnsons, Bollmans, Kruses, Haywards, Stussys, Washas, Krambeers, and Smiths to name a few. I remember the elderly, the middle-aged families, the teachers, and local business owners on my newspaper route. I remember the Christmas gifts, like chocolate-covered cherries, candy canes, homemade treats, and a handmade stocking hat, which I still have. I remember the Saturday newspaper being filled with advertisements. I remember being excited for the Tuesday newspaper, which was always the lightest. I remember when the Post-Bulletin moved the holiday newspaper to the morning. Uff da, that was a long time ago.

I apologize, my intentions were not to go down memory lane. In 1990, I was awarded the paper carrier of the month and paper carrier of the year. I was given a blue and silver paper bag, which I wore out. I was given a trophy, which I believe my mom still has. And I was given US Savings Bonds, which I still have. The US saving bonds will fully mature in January 2021. Who knew in 1990 that today my family and I will get to enjoy something that was awarded to me 30 years ago. The Post-Bulletin gave me $350 in US Savings Bonds. Next month, I will cash in those bonds for nearly $725.

Thank you, Post-Bulletin. I truly appreciate the award. Thank you for the US Savings Bonds. And most of all, I still remember my customers ... my neighborhood. I had the best newspaper route.

Rollie Van Wyhe and family.
Rollie Van Wyhe and family.Submitted