Committee found perfect compromise for park

Kudos to the Rochester Park Board and the Indian Heights Park Steering Committee who worked for nearly a year to determine the best plan for the use of Indian Heights Park.

Through the work of this committee, we as citizens learned many things about the park including: the history of the land, the park's prominence near water is considered sacred by Dakota, the rarity of oak savanna environment and the best ways to preserve it.

We also learned that mountain biking may be appropriate in larger parks. When the committee presented its findings to the Rochester Park Board this October, members unanimously recommended mountain biking at a larger site without the historical, cultural or environmental sensitivities. This is what the Post Bulletin called for on June 3, "that rarest of all compromises — one in which everyone wins."

So many times we hear about committees and the war that ensues over their task. However, this is a perfect example of how it is supposed to work for city planning. I encourage the park board to approve all the steering committee's recommendations to preserve this wonderful land as a natural site and support mountain biking in alternate, appropriate areas. I hope the city continues to evaluate long-term usage of all parks with committed community involvement in order to find a result "where everybody wins."

Beth Miller



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