Continue Golden Hill's mission by rebuilding it

To the Rochester School Board and anyone else who is interested in Golden Hill Education Center: It's not just a few classes here and there that we can stick into other school buildings.

Its doors open at 7:30 a.m. and close late in the evening. Grades 6-12 attend here. Expectant mothers attend classes, as do kids who already are mothers. There are night classes. Good luck fitting these programs into the already-crowded conditions in the other schools.

Money will always be tight, but let's not penalize the kids at Golden Hill.

My son has attended this school since the 8th grade and will be graduating soon. A kid who failed every subject in sixth and seventh grade has been transformed into one who gets A's and B's. An A in math would have been impossible four years go. Golden Hill has turned his life around.

The kids at Golden Hill also cultivate a large garden and care for a variety of animals. They and the staff built and now maintain sheds, a chicken coop and a goat pen. This gives the students a hands-on place to learn biology and science — and raise produce, too.


Rebuild the school at its current site. These students deserve and need a new school.

Jeanne Erath


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