Contraception mandate violates First Amendment

Nancy Pelosi warned us. She stated condescendingly that Obamacare had to be passed so that we could find out what is in it.  Now we know.

The Health and Human Services mandate orders all insurance carriers to provide the full slate of "reproductive services" at no cost. No cost to whom? Birth control is an essential principle of the president's political and social agenda, as well as the foundation of health care reform. One might think disease prevention and management would be the foundations of health care reform.  Apparently, pregnancy is a disease.

While access to contraception is the primary goal of the Obama administration, the real issue is, again from Pelosi, "this conscience thing" that so animates the Catholic Church and other believers. The government has no role or right to interfere in the internal workings of religious bodies, according to that First Amendment freedom of religion thing.

What makes this debacle all the more perplexing is why President Obama, days after the Hosanna-Tabor case wherein the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 in favor of religious freedom and against his administration in defending a church's right to determine its own ministers, would act so brazenly in showing no respect for the church and countless affiliated organizations, universities and ministries that do much to enhance civic life.

Think non-Catholics aren't affected? Think again.The disaster named Obamacare gives the Secretary of HHS nearly unlimited powers to craft bureaucratic snares that will hobble our economy, corrupt our republic, and fail to improve health care. Nothing short of repeal is acceptable.

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