Diaspora of TV content throughout the paper

Here's a common comment from a reader --


I am writing to ask why the Television/Tune In Tonight section is not in the same place as the TV listings.  It is really annoying to have to look at 2 different sections in the paper to find out that information. I would like to know the reasoning for the way it is. Certainly, some changes could be made so they could be put together.  You could put the movie listings on the same page as People in the News maybe, or something like that

Thank you.

Mary Ellen


My inadequate response:

Hi, Mary Ellen -- wish it was that easy -- it has to do with advertiser wishes, which pages will be in color on a given day, how many ads are sold for the paper overall on a given day (which dictates how many pages we have to work with), etc...absolutely we'd wish the two pages were side by side or at least in the same section...the latter is always our goal, but sometimes the Fates work against us.
Thanks for reading the paper.


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