Did we just guess at the jobless rate?

Good question from a reader:

On page A2 of the March 24 paper, it mentions an upcoming story for Wednesday about "Local jobless rate rises again". 

The title implies that you already have the information for the story since you know the rate rises again.  Why would the paper not report this information in a timely fashion?  I can't imagine the Wall Street Journal running a story about the latest GDP numbers a few days after they were released, or a newspaper not reporting sports scores in the very next issue.

I just want to say that I intend for this email to be constructive. I love newspapers and currently subscribe to the PB and the Strib (because the PB is neither  a daily or morning paper). 

Please respond to let me know about the PB mode of operation when it comes to deciding when to run a story, and why you apparently wait on it. Or am I missing something?



Actually, we had an early release on the jobless rate information at about 9 a.m. Tuesday. We still could have squeezed it into Tuesday's print edition, in short form at least, but an editor made the decision to deal with it for online and for Wednesday print. Better choice would have been to get it in Tuesday's paper, no matter how short, but we have to make a lot of last-minute choices of that kind...can't win 'em all.

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