Dishing downtown today

The Dish is now downtown.

Heather Tlougan started dishing for the downtown Rochester lunch crowd today from her Deli By Dish It Up spot in the 100 First Avenue Food Court on the skyway level, overlooking the Peace Plaza.

What will set her new project apart from other quick lunch options?

Every day a different light entree will be offered.

"I think many people are looking for something healthy," she said. 


Look for paninis, home-made soups, salads, cold deli sandwiches and desserts along with a hearty daily entree to also be on the menu.

This is a spin-off of Tlougan’s main prepared meals business, Dish It Up , that she opened in 2005 in northeast Rochester near the Chateau Theater.

Dish It Up’s prepared, frozen meals are also available for pick-up downtown for customers who order through the Web site or for purchase on a spot basis.

Why open a deli shop downtown?

Tlougan says the foot traffic from Mayo Clinic and other downtown employers is the top reason. And anyone finds something the like during a lunch stop will be able to buy ready-to-cook versions offered through her main operation.

Deli by Dish It Up joins Regal’s Eatery , Fiesta Mexicana Express, India Curry House , Victoria's Express an d The Bistro in the food court.

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