Does this look like an apology to you?

How does C.J. , the Star Tribune gossip columnist, parse Jenn Sterger's comments in her column Tuesday (quoted from "Good Morning, America") as an apology to Brett Favre's family? Sterger doesn't owe Favre's family one, as far as anyone knows, but I'm intrigued by how C.J. interprets Sterger's comments:

C.J.: Sterger said Favre's family deserves apology

In a manner of speaking, Jenn Stergerapologized to Brett Favre's family, if not the future NFL Hall of Famer, even though she has received no such expression of regret from him.

In an interview aired Tuesday on "Good Morning America" with George Stephanopoulos,Sterger broke her silence in the texting, telephoning, sexting scandal that tarnished Favre's exit from the Vikings and the NFL after a 20-year career. The interview continues Tuesday on "Nightline" and Wednesday morning on "GMA."

Sterger told Stephanopoulos she owes nobody an apology because she did nothing wrong.


"I don't really care if he gives me one or not," she said when asked whether Favre should tell her he's sorry. "If I owe anyone an apology, I feel bad that my parents; I'm sorry, that they had to go through this. I'm sorry that families involved had to go through this. That's it. Those are the only people that deserve to be apologized to."

So which is it -- "she owes nobody an apology" or she's apologizing to Favre's family?

Bottom line is, it apparently was a slow day in the metro gossip world and C.J. needed a column.

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