Don't teach bigotry to the next generation: Vote no

I will be voting no on the marriage amendment because I believe that all couples, not merely straight couples, should have the opportunity to enjoy the 1,100-plus rights awarded to married couples in our nation.

I believe that if two people love and respect each other, they should be allowed to illustrate that love through the union of marriage. I believe that love is love, no matter a person’s gender identity.

However, Louise Gerken’s Oct. 2 letter asserted that defeating the marriage amendment will further denigrate father’s rights. This is untrue, because she assumes that the sole purpose of marriage is for procreation.

Nope. All that marriage requires is mutual respect, admiration, love, and a whole lot of compromise between two people.

Gerken believes that legalizing same-sex marriage will erase fatherhood from parenting. She seems to think that only lesbian couples will be adopting or having children. What about two gay men who raise children together? Wouldn’t two fathers actually strengthen the role of the father?


To keep it simple, if you want the next generation to grow up in a world where equality is valued more than bigotry, you will vote no on this amendment. Marriage and parenthood is about love and respect, not gender identity. I will be voting no on the marriage amendment, and I sincerely hope you’ll join me.

Tina Streiff


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