Primary Election Day in Minnesota is mere weeks away, and after Aug. 11, the campaigns will shift into high gear, as will letter-to-the-editor writers.

Our goal is to run as many letters as possible on the Opinion page, but it’s impossible to get them all in, especially in election years.

Campaign letters tend to crowd out other letters at this time of year, and we want to keep the Opinion page as diverse and issue-oriented as possible.

So., beginning July 13 and running through Oct. 27, here’s how we’ll handle your letters.

We’ll run issue-oriented letters on the Opinion page, and candidate endorsement-type letters as paid content on another page.

Election-season letters about issues will run here, but letters that say, "Vote for Elmer Fudd because," will be handled as paid ads.

An issue-oriented letter can refer to a candidate, but it should mainly stick to the issue or issues, not candidates. When it’s a judgment call, our judgment wins.

Shorter letters go to the head of the line.

Letters are limited to 250 words, but shorter is better. Concise letters will have a better chance of getting in.

We won’t run letters or guest columns from candidates or incumbents during the campaign season.

Candidates will get plenty of ink in the news pages.

Letters will be edited.

Letters may be edited for clarity, grammar and libel. Personal or party attacks will not be permitted.

We always verify the authenticity of letter writers.

Letters must be original and include the writer’s name, address and telephone number for verification.

We welcome paid endorsement letters.

We’ll direct letters that are purely endorsements to the ad department. The rate is: Minimum $26.25 for the first 7 column inches (about 150 words), and $10.50 per column inch after. The letter must include who is paying for the endorsement letter.

To start the order process, visit and sign up for a free account. Once signed up, select the "community engagement letters" button and create your ad.

Paid endorsement letters will run every Tuesday and Saturday, as we receive them, beginning July 13.

By handling endorsement letters in this way, we keep the Opinion page clear for issues and commentary, and your endorsements can be longer and more explicitly promotional.